Drawing up a project plan

A flying start with a clear project plan

A greenhouse construction project, small or large, always begins in the same manner: with a clear plan. A great many suppliers are in play, and it takes know-how and experience to coordinate activities. This is precisely what Prins Group has built up over the years. To prepare worry-free project execution, we write down the plan step by step. Each phase is transparent. The contribution of each contractor, subcontractor or supplier is clear. Crucial dates are highlighted.

The plan is fixed

Using the project plan as a guideline makes it possible for all partners to properly schedule there activities. This ensures you that contractor A will appear at the door on day B, Prins Group is the specialist capable of elaborating such a plan right down to the smallest details. Because we have built hundreds of acres of greenhouses, we already know the pitfalls that lie along the way from plan to completion.