Turnkey horticultural projects

Your entire greenhouse horticultural project developed turnkey

A modern greenhouse company integrates a wide range of technical processes. How do the processes interlink with each other? How can you integrate greenhouse and systems with each other in the best possible manner? Consulting with Prins Group right from the start assures you that optimum integration will occur. You will therefore obtain maximum return on your investment.

Turnkey specialists

Turnkey project development is our specialty. We develop the greenhouse based on your schedule of requirements, along with the appropriate systems. The advantages are great. You have the assurance that the greenhouse contains a well-conceived combination of all required technical systems. The installations and systems can be properly accommodated in the structure. You no longer have to worry about the appropriateness of the input from the wide variety of parties involved in the complex process that greenhouse construction has become. The costs of the entire investment will be spelled out to you in black and white in advance, without any financial surprises afterwards.