Greenhouse construction

Problem-free construction of each greenhouse from foundation to ventilation

Construction of a greenhouse is more than ever the work of specialists, professionals who know how to handle materials and machines, employees well aware of the responsibility weighing on their shoulders. It is therefore good to know that Prins Group has been building greenhouses for decades. We have lived through the evolution of the greenhouse first hand and acquired experience that is priceless for you, the customer.

More knowledge of greenhouse construction technology

You work with a greenhouse builder possessing full knowledge of the engineering involved. We implement tested techniques for the construction of Venlo or wide-span greenhouses, combining maximum efficiency with optimum reliability. More than any other builder, Prins Group is also familiar with the construction of greenhouse systems not belonging to everyday types. For example, the innovative Cabrio greenhouse is ideal if you wish to make as much use as possible of the outside climate. But plastic greenhouses are also one of our specialties. Moreover, the entire construction of your project is kept under one roof. Work areas, the foundation, concrete structures and other steel constructions, all belong to the work performed by Prins Group. With our staff engineers, your greenhouse can be designed precisely in accordance with your wishes. It can even be modified at the very last minute.