Project BUCG - China

Project BUCG

BUCG project is a greenhouse “complex” – Commercial greenhouse, aquaponics lettuce greenhouse, propagation greenhouse, demo greenhouses, and tourist greenhouse.
This project will be located at the entrance of the future agricultural eco-tourism park in Beijing. So it carries the “mission” as not only a producing center, also education, research and sightseeing center.
Because of the multi-functional purpose of the project, Prins Group has designed different systems for each greenhouse, and every compartment is equipped with the most advanced technology.
In the commercial greenhouse we use 7m column height to provide bigger air buffer to the crops. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights will be installed to overcome the difficulties of days with little radiation. Diffuse glass with be used.
Aquaponic lettuce growing is with aluminum movable gutters, this is a self-developed product by Prins Group and partners. This system has achieved great success in USA, now is the first time to build it in China.
With modern greenhouse technology, we can provide solutions to several current agricultural problem in china, e.g. shortage of agricultural land, shortage of water, air pollution, and most of all, food safety.
This project will start a new era of agriculture in China. Prins Group is glad to be part of it.