Project Florimond - France

Project Florimond

Prins Group has conducted a very special project in Florimond. The project consists of two small greenhouses with total area of approx 1000 m². The greenhouses serve as research centers for seed breeding. Prins Group provided the engineering, production and realization of the project.

Unique to this project is that the seven several sections which the greenhouse consists, can all operate independently of each other. In this way the four seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn can be simulated per section indipendently. These particular adjustments are necessary in order to bring back the seed breeding process from ten years to a process of approx seven years. In this way the research can be done much more quickly and it saves a lot of costs. Specifics on this project are the roof and the walls, which are provided with 16mm thick diffuse glass. This double glass is coated with antireflection, so the greenhouse can be provided with artifical daylight. The glass is adjust in a special way to make it even more isolating.

When the outdoor temperature in August will be 25 degrees for example, the period of year in section 3 will be midwinter, there must be cooled considerably in that section to create that climate. That means the greenhouse has to be provided with a cooling system wich can operate per section. This will be vice versa for heating the greenhouse to create summer in the sections, while outside it’s winter. And if there’s much light needed, then assimilation lights takes care of that. These systems are provided by Prins Group and its partners. The exterior of the greenhouse is equipped with screen installations and twin gable screens. Two meters above the greenhouse there will be placed an outdoor hanging screen installation. These installations are placed, to keep out the heat, when it’s very hot outside.

The project is in use since summer 2016.